11th Standard Online Admission,Mumbai Region
Year 2016-2017
Success Story
  • Feb 1 2016 4:30PM

Review of FYJC, Mumbai Online Admissions for Year 2010-11

The project is about a web-portal for single online application for applying to 150+ colleges, counseling, allocation, admission, cancellation and grievance redressal mechanism for admission to std. 11th (FYJC) in financial capital of India i.e. ‘Mumbai’. It was made available to more than 3,00,000 student passing std. 10th from various boards undertaking admissions in 700+ junior colleges of Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Previously which was carried out manually with paper based systems.

The project facilitated 2,06,836 students, throughout the MMR from 3000+ schools, and 700+ Junior colleges and 70 guidance centers for Online application form filling and counseling. The application was bilingual (Marathi and English).

The pre and post-exam data from SSC and CBSE boards was used innovatively to generate personalized prefilled application form for the students to eliminating errors pertaining to repetitive data entry. The data also automated the scrutiny for nearly 75% students for verification of credentials of applicants. The communication to all the stakeholders was efficiently done using email, SMS by the system and receiving the feedback was done using message box available within login.

The existing government administrative machinery was effectively used for entire project cycle by giving necessary training to each stakeholder and powerful MIS by providing interactive dashboards in logins of applicant, schools, colleges, and government officers.

Total approximate social cost savings through the project

Rupees 23,78,61,400saved towards application and traveling cost

Working parent-days saved 6,20,508 towards their assistance for process.


The background and motivation behind FYJC, Mumbai Online Admission Process

Mumbai being financial capital of India many applicants from other states and country seek admission in junior colleges of Mumbai.

Previously admission process was carried out manually with paper based systems. In many cases aspiring applicants/ parents had to visit 7 to 8 Junior colleges and stand in queue to buy application forms in heavy rainy season in Mumbai.

The next challenge was to understand and fill different application form of each college by attaching separate copies of mark-sheet and other documents obtained by standing in queue at citizen facilitation centers. Again queue to submit separate application form to each colleges, occasionally also suffer from the loss of documents in transit. After this, applicant has to visit each applied college for checking allocation list.

Applicant used to end up securing admission in less preferred college because of earlier deadline and psychological pressure of not getting listed in desired college.

In this traditional system there existed communication barriers, if not failures, between the applicant/student and the Junior college. All this was causing time, labor and cost burden on applicants and their parents. In addition to anxiety and inconvenience, it leads to discontinuation of education in a few cases.


Additionally, each college was required to carry out scrutiny of at least thousands of forms which resulted in monotony and fatigue to staff related to admission process. While scrutiny and merit list preparation there was too much variation in correct interpretation of rules like reservation, validity of certificate, and their issuing authorities etc. due to which applicants belonging to different legal and social reservation were suffered by injustice.


Looking at above scenario there was urgent need to design and develop and deploy an uniform and re-engineered business process through web based solution which is capable of delivering basic and value added services


·         To bigger clientele

·         With  Better quality

·         At cheaper cost

·         At Faster pace

·         having Wider access

·         And deeper personal experience



Qualitative impact of FYJC Online admission process

Qualitative Impact

  1. Applicants could complete the process without need to travel anywhere
  2. Applicants could have an opportunity to apply for 150+ colleges in a single application
  3. The system ensured complete transparency and reliability
  4. By uniform interpretation and implementation of government rules about reservation and admissions, each applicant was justified by the merit irrespective of any class
  5. Repetitive and monotonous work of data entry, scrutiny, merit list generation work which is prone to errors was completely eliminated from each college’s administration
  6. In this project, a consolidated MIS for up-to-date data about colleges and ward officers was created and made available to government officers
  7. This project spread awareness about e-Governance in education within 3000+ schools and 700+ colleges which has set ablaze a new digital revolution in educational e-Governance
  8. People at large normally have apprehensions about technology driven process, which was converted into faith in technology
  9. Because of success in Mumbai which is financial capital of India & politically influenced, willingness for implementing such projects has been increased within as well as outside state.
  10. This results in every stakeholder of the process looking for next level of e-Governance